is one of a handful of international executives who have successfully navigated global brands across continents.  She has a brilliant track record of growing, developing and researching brands in Europe, USA and South America.

Sofia started her career at Philip Morris, where she cut her teeth at the company’s European Headquarters in Switzerland.

In 2001, she was recruited to London by Nestle, which she considers to be her Insight and Research school.

In 2003, Kimberly-Clark brought Sofia on board and she spent nine years in various roles in senior-level positions across different European markets and Brazil, which also entailed significant amount of time working with the US headquarters. 

Since 2011 Sofia has been leading Mindbrand, meeting the needs of both Brazilian companies looking for Strategic Qualitative Research and of international agencies looking for a strategic partner in Latin America. 

Sofia works across Consumer goods, Health Care and Finance Services.

Sofia has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with a fiery can-do attitude and a highly sophisticated knowledge of the cultural nuances that can make or break market strategies.  She is driven by her belief that the most insightful understanding of consumers is a company’s most powerful competitive advantage.  She aims for the highest levels of innovation and rigor, achieved through groundbreaking methodologies, creativity and attracting top-level talent to her projects.